Your Data, Globally.

Edginary is a serverless platform that moves your data close to your users in real-time so they can access it in ultra low-latency.



Get Global p95 response time of 50ms. Anywhere.



Distribute and access your data in less than a minute.



Reduce your servers load by 90%. Improve reliability and save cost.

Rotate your device for better view


Pay only for what you use per-request. Our compute activates on incoming requests and scales to zero when not in use. Once we snapshot your data, you never gonna hit your database again, saving money and reducing the load on your servers.

Data Freshness

Keep your data always in sync by streaming changes in real-time to get an always fresh view of your data.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

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Global low-latency

"It doesn’t make sense, sending a user from Asia to a centralized DB in US East. Edginary serves users in low-latency wherever they are while reducing the load on our DBs."

Director of Engineering @ Undisclosed Company